First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Heyy fellow goddesses and gods, my name is Soph and THIS is my first blog post! I’m so excited to start this blog. My nurse (at the inpatient hospital I currently reside in) told me I should start a blog… So here it is 🙌 it mostly will contain analogies and coping strategies for mental health, I hope this blog helps you 😘

BMI bullshit

and being at an unhealthy weight range doesn’t make you unhealthy

Why to not restrict

I feel like I should be smaller, I should take up less space, I should be starving. but where would that leave me? an NG tube? miserable? Nightmares? unstable? further away from being recovered? from being in Mexico? from going on nights out? from festivals? I know it’s difficult, almost impossible, to not restrict when you hate yourself so much but restricting, my dear, won’t make you love yourself, recovery will

Automatic Negative Thoughts

We have automatic thoughts;thoughts that we have no control over, they just happen automatically. Some of us suffer with automatic negative thoughts, like “everyone hates me” BUT THERE IS HOPE! We can adapt our automatic negative thoughts to be automatic positive thoughts by challenging our initial negative thoughts with a positive one as much as we can! And eventually our brains will switch over to have automatic positive thoughts, like “everyone loves me regardless”.

Nourish to Flourish