First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


Heyy fellow goddesses and gods, my name is Soph and THIS is my first blog post! I’m so excited to start this blog. My nurse (at the inpatient hospital I currently reside in) told me I should start a blog… So here it is 🙌 it mostly will contain analogies and coping strategies for mental health, I hope this blog helps you 😘

Light at the end of the tunnel

I feel at peace like heaven is on Earth. maybe going through hell eventually leads towards heaven, like a light at the end of the tunnel. if you die you can’t make it to the end of the tunnel, and maybe the end of the tunnel is better than dying anyways

You aren’t good or bad for being big or small

Being big is it a bad thing nor is it a good thing
being small isn’t a bad thing nor is it a good thing
it’s just a thing
a type of body shape
no judgements
and it’s not who you are either
you aren’t good or bad for being big or small
you’re just you happens to be big or small (or somewhere in the middle)

What to do when you feel fat

What’s healthy?

Not stuck in the mud, more like stuck in a tornado

If in crisis:
I heard things are pretty shitty right now, my names Soph and I wanted to tell you things get better. But not in a flippant , lack of understanding way; in a truthful , full of hope way. Ive been where you are in this exact moment , I know how unbearable, desperate, hopeless this is . It feels like your brain is in this whirlwind and you cant rationalise anything, and what you think you can rationalise is actually really irrational. Its like you are in a flimsy boat in the middle of the sea and your trying everything you can to keep it stable to keep your boat from tipping over. You cant talk or be near people for the fear they might knock your boat , so you isolate yourself , when unfortunately the thing that will get you out of crisis is beng WITH people. But you cant bring yourself to ask for help because a)you dont want to risk the boat knocking over (I mean, you’re only just keeping it together) and b)you dont really think you deserve help. You feel stuck. Not stuck in mud, more stuck in a tornado . An unforgiving, out of control, frightening tornado that makes you desperate for it to end, even if that means ending your life. My dear,the tornado will run out of wind, out of power and soon you will land on cushiony grass in a meadow full of your favourite flowers, or maybe on soft sand at carribean resort , or some comforting snow at a skiing holiday. I guess what I am trying to say is , DON’T END YOUR LIFE BEACUSE YOU WANT TO END THE MOMENT. I PROMISE you the moment will end on its own , you just have to stay bundled up in a blanket, crying, drinking a hot choclate with a face mask on, painting your nails, watching some funny videos on youtube or listen to your favourite music. Until the moment ends, hang on in there. Because when the storm ends , a bright sunny day is awiting you. You are allowed to feel upset and you are allowed to feel angry. So go ahead and feel them, EMBRACE it, that’s what life’s about embracing the good and the bad and the ugly. Have some medictaion, take the edge off , and snuggle up to your favourite movie and DON’T FORGET TO TALK TO SOMEONE. You deserve to get out of this crisis harm free.

BMI bullshit

and being at an unhealthy weight range doesn’t make you unhealthy